Torquilla design and make our own range of cushions including luxurious silk cushions with fabulous trimmings and children’s nursery cushions.

 A picture of Buttoned Cushions with Contrasting Silk design  Image of Luxurious velvet and silk cushions Here we see a selection sof Tassle trimmed and piped cushions 

We also have a wide variety of cushion designs to choose from and can make cushions to match your specifications. 

Cushions not only serve the purpose of softening a seat or supporting a back but can also act as a foil for colour in a room.  A plain, neutral sofa can be altered dramatically by the addition of a few coloured cushions.  Cushions do not need to be plain squares of colours - the possibilities are endless from bolsters to hearts and can be finished with various different borders, frills, edges and trimmings such as beads, feathers bobbles and ribbons.

A close up picture of the detailed gold and silver tassle trimming   A close-up image of beautiful tear-drop shaped glass beads trimming a cushion  A close-up of pretty pale-pink heart shaped trimmings on a silk cushion

Cushions are often the final flourish in a room and are an opportunity to combine a variety of fabrics and textures and are a way of enjoying expensive or luxurious fabrics in small quantities.

A picture of a bed and bed-side-table with a selection of silk cusions in subtle pinks and creams   A stunning picture of bold black and white patterned cushions with flowers and plant silhouettes  An image of a contemporary bed with scatter cushions in reds and whites

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